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CDW and Dell are bringing you the latest technology, from mobile devices to desktops, servers and beyond. Along with CDW Services and expertise, we'll optimize the way they work with you.

About Dell

Dell business solutions can deliver data protection from the device to the cloud, faster and easier management through automation, and an uncompromised end-user experience through durable, serviceable design, dependable performance and reliable support.

Dell Client Solutions

Old technology slowing you down? Upgrade to Dell’s latest line of desktops, notebooks, tablets and servers to experience the best of security, management, efficiency and dependability. With features like Windows 10, Intel 6th gen processors and more, you’ll be amazed at the difference you can make in your workday.

Dell Servers

Dell PowerEdge servers maximize operational effectiveness and optimize flexibility at any scale. Focused on accelerated performance, enhanced automation and simplified management, the PowerEdge line-up of servers can help you experience worry-free computing through greater IT efficiency, superior IT agility and better IT reliability.

Dell Storage

Engineered to save both data and dollars, Dell storage solutions powered by Intel® technology are proven to deliver a total cost of ownership advantage, accelerate applications with innovative flash tiering and provide zero workload downtime with seamless disaster recovery.

Dell Networking

Today’s applications call for new thinking about network architecture. Based on open standards, Dell networking solutions free you from outdated, proprietary approaches. Our future-ready networking solutions help you improve network performance, lower data center costs and remain flexible to adopt new innovations.

Case Study: Tulane University Accelerates Research

After Hurricane Katrina, Tulane sought to advance its research by designing a converged big data/high-performance computer cluster with Dell and Intel.

Modernize and Transform Your Network

See why your business needs a data center with a modern network that's ready to meet the demands of ever-increasing bandwidth requirements.

Data Center Resources

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