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About 3M

For more than 30 years, 3M has been advancing optical technology to deliver market-leading visual privacy and protection products. We remain a trusted global leader today - continuing to improve our technology, features, and breadth of product.

3M™ Privacy Filters – Made for the New Way We Work

Best-Selling 3M Privacy and Protection Products

Help keep login credentials, payroll information and other sensitive data private with 3M™ Privacy Products. Innovative technology from 3M prevents visual hackers from stealing sideways glances at your screen, while providing a crisp, clear view for intended users.

3M Resources

Working from Home?

Did you know that 3M™ Privacy Filters reduce 35% of blue light emissions as well as keeping your screen private to those around you?

Visual Hacking

Jack Vale shows how easy it is for strangers to steal your personal data just by looking.

Choose Your Filter Size

Instructions for how to choose the right 3M Privacy Filter size for your screen.

Vertical Focus Enterprise

3M™ Privacy Filters help prevent visual hacking in the enterprise.