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Empower People. Reduce Cyber Risk.

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Empower People. Reduce Cyber Risk.

Beauceron Solutions

About Beauceron Security

People can only protect themselves against cyber risks they understand. Beauceron Security helps organizations execute cybersecurity awareness programs that empower individuals to make better decisions and reduce their cyber risk. Our technology is designed to make it faster, easier and less complex for organizations of all kinds and sizes to get a sense for their cyber risk and to help them take actions to reduce that risk.

Featured Beauceron Security Solutions

Cyber Awareness Training & Phishing – 3 & 1 YR

Phishing simulations, risk scoring, computer-based training, and surveying don't work when they happen in isolation. Beauceron Security brings all of these and more into one automated, comprehensive platform.

The Beauceron Analyst –
3 & 1 YR

The Analyst saves your security team time by automatically handling and analyzing reported emails through a series of customizable actions with auto-responses that best fit your security needs.

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Beauceron Security Resources

Do Anti-Phishing Programs Work?

The Beauceron Platform powers world-class security awareness programs that deliver better and faster results for your organization. Learn how we positively change behavior to drive better results for organizations.

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2021 Phishing Report

With the Beauceron Platform, users can achieve a better click rate 4X faster than the current market leader. Read our 2021 Market Leader Comparison to learn how we’re driving better results than the current market leader.

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Beauceron Platform Overview

At Beauceron Security, we’ve created a powerful software-as-a-service platform to help organizations tackle cyber risk. Learn more about our platform, features offered and benefits with our Beauceron Platform Overview.

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The Potential Cost of a Data Breach

A common theme in cybersecurity is it’s not if a breach will happen, it’s when. Learn more about the potential costs of a data breach and how you can protect your organization with our infographic.

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