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Game-Changing IT Solutions for a Better Fan Experience

Powerful technologies can close the gap between in-home and stadium experiences. Awe fans with an unexpected venue experience, orchestrated by CDW.

Providing connectivity at live events is critical to advance the "wow" factor for fans while layering the foundation for tomorrow's tech-powered experience. Give the fans something they can’t get at home with an enriched stadium experience - from WiFi, to mobile entry, to point-of-sale systems, the right technology solutions can make the fan experience more efficient and enjoyable.

CDW fan experience solutions and services offer powerful technologies that create unforgettable moments.

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CDW Fan Experience Offerings

Digital Signage

From video walls to POS displays, captivate your audience with outdoor displays built to weather the storm, empowering you to manage messaging across multiple screens or locations.

High-Density Wi-Fi

Ensure fast, reliable access for fans and staff throughout your venue with a network built to deliver the necessary bandwidth and performance.

End User Devices

Mobility products like tablets allow for access on the go. With beacon technology and mPOS, integrate with the team’s mobile app, find the shortest bathroom line and facilitate mobile concessions.

Fan Experience Trends

How Technology Can Help Deliver a Better Game-Day Experience

Live sporting events aren’t just competing with other forms of entertainment, like movies and concerts, for viewers and their money. They’re also competing with themselves, in the form of watching on TV (or online). At home, fans have access to comfortable seating, an endless supply of snacks and clean, private bathrooms…and they don’t even have to buy a ticket.

Winning Performance off the Field

Professional Services

Upgrading technology or considering a brand-new solution? No problem. Get customized support from start to finish with assessments, consultation on your venue’s technology strategy and installation/deployment complete with hands-on training and ongoing support.

Managed Services

Relieve the burden of worrying about your network’s uptime and speed and let us handle your infrastructure management and security. We also offer a whole suite of available services to give you technology piece of mind.

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