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Get IT – Episode 4

Applying AI and ML to Security Solutions

Episode 4: Applying AI and ML to Security Solutions

In this episode, Theo van Wyk from CDW and TK Keanini from Cisco discuss the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) on cybersecurity, and some of the benefits of AI and ML for organizations.

Featured in this Episode

Theo van Wyk is the Head of Cybersecurity at CDW Canada. He leads the security solution architecture team, where he works with customers to address their IT security and risk challenges. Starting with data risk in mind, Theo advises and guides customers to develop a balanced security approach, ensuring the recommended security solutions enable their governance, risk and compliance program, while supporting the needs of IT operations. 

TK Keanini brings more than 25 years of network and security experience to his role as Distinguished Engineer within Cisco’s Security Business Group, where he uses his expertise in analytics to build a unified security architecture that enables customers to adapt and respond to ever-evolving threats.  In 2017, TK and team were awarded the prestigious Cisco Pioneer Award recognizing their innovative work on  Encrypted Traffic Analytics.

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Key topics in this episode
  • How to become more informed about AI and machine learning
  • How are cybersecurity companies using AI and ML?
  • Ethical considerations when using AI and ML
  • Will AI and ML fully replace an organization’s cybersecurity team?

Stats from this episode

2 out of 3 organizations say it is challenging to configure and use AI and ML cybersecurity tools correctly.


Found these tools improve cybersecurity effectiveness in a meaningful or significant way.

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