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Get IT – Episode 5

The Importance of Data Security and Data Privacy

Episode 5: The Importance of Data Security and Data Privacy

In this episode, Julius Azarcon from CDW and Dave Lewis from Cisco discuss whether Canadian businesses are taking data privacy seriously, and how the “new normal” could impact how personal information is being shared.

Featured in this Episode

Julius Azarcon is the national leader of cybersecurity services at CDW Canada. Julius lead the Risk Advisory Services practice and was also the CISO at Scalar Decisions. He brings a wealth of experience in cybersecurity, privacy, audit and IT operations. In addition to his management responsibilities, Julius still advises clients, both large and small, and from time to time, he continues to act as a virtual CISO for clients.

Dave Lewis has 25 years of experience in IT security operations and management, including a decade dealing with critical infrastructure security. He is the founder of the security site Liquidmatrix Security Digest and cohost of the Liquidmatrix podcast, as well as the host of the Plaintext and Murder Board podcasts. Lewis writes columns for Forbes, Daily Swig and several other publications.

Key topics in this episode
  • Walking the fine line between data privacy and data security
  • How to minimize the risk of sharing too much personally identifiable information (PII)
  • When should a business leader reach out to the Privacy Commissioner of Canada after a data breach?
  • Why GDPR has more name recognition than Canada’s PIPEDA
  • What’s the next chapter for data privacy in Canada?

Stats from this episode

1.7 MB

The estimated amount of data created every second by every person on earth.


Some web pages could have more than 30 tracking requests spying on you.

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