Cyber Resilience:
An Evolving Perspective

CDW Canada’s 2020 study, Cyber Resilience: An Evolving Perspective, reveals the evolving nature of cybersecurity threats, businesses that are most at risk and why. There are some surprising entry-points into organizations. And with new technologies, come new threats.

Findings on the Canadian Cybersecurity Landscape

This cross-industry survey of IT Security and Risk Compliance professionals at organizations of all sizes is one way that we help keep Canadian businesses better protected. By continuing to understand the trends and sharing our knowledge with the industry we can proactively offer solutions to help mitigate business risk.

Independently conducted by IDC Canada, the data provided in this report was obtained through a Canada-wide cross-industry survey of 524 IT security and risk and compliance professionals. 

The survey is meant to provide insight into the big questions facing IT security departments:

  • How serious is the threat of attack facing Canadian organizations?
  • How are digital initiatives including digitization, automation, artificial intelligence (AI), internet of things (IoT), and analytics changing how and where we store are data, and is it making us less secure?
  • Where do Canadian organizations stumble with respect to creating a proper cybersecurity plan?
  • Are AI and machine learning (ML) tools increasing cybersecurity effectiveness?
  • What types of attacks are organizations falling victim to, and what are the costs associated with cybersecurity incidents?
  • What strategies, controls and tools will protect us in the future? 
Download now to learn how your organization compares against the landscape in Canada.