Prepare your Workforce

Prepare your Workforce

Empower your employees as we shift to a hybrid work model by leveraging collaboration tools and meeting room solutions to facilitate a flexible workplace

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Is your Workforce Ready for Hybrid Working?

The rapid shift to remote work created new challenges for which many Canadian organizations were not prepared. Some workplaces struggled with a lack of access to technology and services, productivity concerns, deteriorating relationships among team members, difficulties with collaboration and an overall lack of engagement.

Given the ever-evolving work landscape and how remote or hybrid work will continue long-term, it is crucial for organizations to provide their employees with the right tools, technology, flexibility and solutions needed to feel productive and engaged at work, ultimately leading to an empowered and successful workforce. It is also essential for organizations to continuously assess how employees are responding to changes.


Flexibility can be a key differentiator in how an organization supports their workforce; it can be critical to continue attracting and retaining talent both short and long-term.


The office is a place where many teams are built and collaborate throughout the organization. With the ability to work from anywhere, collaboration tools are necessary to include remote team members as organically as possible.


Outfit your conference rooms with technology that increases collaboration. Smart technology can help businesses make better decisions about their office spaces.

Find a Solution that Works Best for your Workforce

As organizations are planning their return to office, it is essential that we take the positive aspects of collaboration learned during the pandemic and apply the knowledge to shape what the future workplace will look like.

Organizations are now placing higher importance on implementing collaboration tools and technology that improves the overall employee experience. Recognizing the link between collaboration tools, employee productivity and engagement is critical to business success. Our partners can help you build out your modern workplace with both at-home and return-to-office solutions.

Discover our Hardware Solutions

Find the right hardware tools to empower your workforce – whether in the office or remote working, make sure they're well equipped with the latest from our hardware trusted partners. 

Jabra believes that with the right tools, you can work from anywhere. Because anywhere works. Jabra is one professional’s choice for hybrid working.

More employees than ever are working remotely, but real-world meeting rooms still have an important role. Lenovo’s smart devices and room kits seamlessly connect flexible workers and teams together, enhancing productivity, wherever work is happening.

  • Lenovo’s kits provide you with the equipment you need to get conferences up and running – regardless of room size. 
  • Lenovo’s ThinkSmart Hub is an all-in-one solution that transforms any room into a conference space, specially designed for Microsoft Teams Rooms or Zoom Rooms.

Logitech believes that technology has the power to enable equitable collaboration no matter where we work, and everyone deserves to be seen and heard in the right light and crisp audio.

  • Logitech’s solutions are certified-to-use with Canada’s most popular videoconferencing platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, RingCentral, Pexip and others, ensuring you maximize your investment as software ebbs and flows.
  • Logitech Sync allows enterprises to save time and resources by managing all of their meeting rooms, remotely.

Poly is strongly positioned to create balanced experiences for those inside and outside of the meeting room with professional-grade audio and video solutions that work from anywhere.

  • With Poly + Microsoft Teams Rooms solutions, employees will always feel part of the conversation, whether in the office or working remotely.
  • Find Poly + Microsoft Teams Rooms solutions for focus, small, medium and large meeting rooms. 

Discover our Voice Solutions

Learn more about our voice solutions partners and how they work with our trusted hardware partners – so your workforce never misses a meeting, message or more with these voice solutions. 

Now, work is no longer a place we go, it’s what we do – and the beautiful thing is that it can be done from anywhere. Cisco Webex is here to make the hybrid workforce seamless.

  • The Webex Desk is an all-in-one collaboration device built for your desk and coupled with the Webex Suite; you’ll be set up for success in your makeshift home office. 
  • The Headset 730 keeps distractions at bay and helps you focus on your work, even with your family coming in and out.
  • The Meraki Z3C delivers fast, reliable connectivity for the modern teleworker.

The workplace of the future is changing to a setting where employees are working from the office or from remote locations. Meet, call and work from anywhere with Microsoft Teams Rooms.

  • Make meetings inclusive and interactive for everyone with Microsoft Teams Rooms devices and CDW Amplified™ Services.
  • Microsoft Teams is the hub for teamwork that brings chat, meetings, calling, Office 365 apps and third-party tools together, all in one place. 
  • Connect Microsoft Teams enabled devices like Microsoft Teams Rooms headphones, cameras and microphones to enhance the quality of your presentation.

Whether you’re returning to the office, working from home, or a mix of both, Zoom has the products and features you need to connect, share ideas and get more done together, regardless of location.

  • Bring high quality video, audio and web conferencing to any sized room with Zoom Rooms.
  • Zoom Phone is a secure and reliable modern cloud phone system allowing your team to always be connected and responsive, whether they’re at their desks or on the go.
  • Streamline communication, collaboration and creativity with Zoom Chat, the hub for real time video and phone communications.


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