Modern Data Centre: Phase 1

The Data Centre as the Bedrock for Innovation

The Data Centre as the Bedrock for Innovation

Traditionally, data centres have often been viewed by many businesses, both small and large, simply as a cost centre. But once the right balance of meeting current needs and setting the stage for future innovation has been met, data centres can become the bedrock for innovation, giving technology leaders a platform to offer new services to the business in a more efficient way. Learn why the data centre is the backbone of any business. 

Traditional Data Centre

Over the last decade, two very different innovations have changed the makeup of the data centre. The first being public cloud services, as organizations have added these resources to their data centre. The second is the need for additional services at the network edge, outside of the traditional data centre, to support real-time activities where latency back to the traditional data centre is prohibitive. The modern data centre spans not only the traditional data room or colocation, but also the edge and public cloud.

Power and Cooling

Controlling environmental services in the data centre is often overlooked by IT operations teams. With significant technology innovations, IT teams should be expecting more from their partners supplying power and cooling in the data centre and at the edge. Tools are available to help provide real-time visibility, management and alerting that can empower IT teams to plan and react more effectively to maintain IT services. As an example, fully enclosed computer racks can allow for equipment to be protected while being placed as needed at the edge of the network or in environments where a full computer room would be cost-prohibitive.

Data Management

Providing scalable data protection solutions that are flexible enough to protect data, regardless of where it is located, is critical. Changes in the way data is backed up – according to policies rather than schedules – can save operations teams a significant amount of time. Modern backup solutions also allow for search features to help find personal identifiable information being stored in locations it should not be. As organizations evaluate new backup and data management solutions it is also important that they look for integrated ransomware protection. Many backup and storage platforms have built in capabilities to mitigate the impact of ransomware.

Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) can not only streamline your day-to-day operations by bringing compute, storage and virtualization into a single cohesive management layer, but it can radically improve your team’s efficiency when provisioning new services or performing routine maintenance. HCI solutions come loaded with amazing features that in a traditional environment would either not be possible or would require a significant investment. In addition to the flexibility HCI can bring, high availability is one of the biggest benefits built into the solution. HCI is designed to suffer outages without having any impact on your production environment.

Monitor Your Environment from Data Centre to Edge

When you design and build your next data centre, ensure you’re using modern power architecture and monitoring technology with redundancies that allow you to use power from one source while another is repaired, so you don’t lose any data. You should also monitor temperature, humidity and cooling capacity so you know when your infrastructure needs maintenance or repairs. This is critical when it comes to security: having software alerting you when there are any heat spikes in certain areas of your data centre — even if there's no immediate concern — is an efficient way to prevent physical theft before it happens.

All-flash Storage Infrastructure

All-flash arrays uniquely address any range of organizational storage needs from block and vVol data to multiplatform file storage that enables interchange and collaboration – particularly when consolidating your data efficiently by delivering a host of powerful enterprise-level features but without enterprise complexity or price. They combine the advantages of cutting-edge storage hardware with the flexibility and simplicity of modern software design, which gives unprecedented freedom to evolve and be agile with your IT in the rapidly changing world of tech and business. 


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