CDW Canada has partnered with leading financing companies so you can secure the IT products and services you need while maximizing your options and lease terms.


Leasing = Flexibility + Savings
CDW Canada has partnered with a variety of leading financing companies so you can get the technology you need now, while managing and controlling your costs.

Leasing Benefits

Protection Against Advancing Technology
Leasing enables you to stay on top of technological advances and stay ahead of your competitors. You may have the option to add on or upgrade during the lease term, and at the end of the lease, choose to return or purchase the equipment.

Predictable Monthly Payments
Leasing enables you to pay over time, rather than invest a lump sum up front. Lease payments can be tailored to budget levels or revenue streams.

Lower Up-Front Costs
Leasing reduces up-front costs, enabling you to obtain the assets you need now without impacting cash flow. It preserves working capital and existing credit lines, freeing up cash for other operational expenses.

Flexible Pay Structures
Leasing may provide flexibility that purchasing does not offer, including: 100% financing with no money down, payment structures that match cash flows or business cycles, and a variety of end-of-lease options.

Ability to Bundle Costs
Leasing offers you the ability to finance hardware, software and services in one transaction. The convenience of one-stop shopping offers an immediate, affordable way for you to meet your business needs.

At CDW, we focus on providing the best solutions in the industry — not simply the latest solutions from a single provider. CDW can refer you to a variety of leading financing companies that can help you get the best leasing terms that fit the unique needs of your business and budget requirements. Depending on your technology needs, you can secure a leasing program that will maximize your options and terms. Our leasing partners include:

  • HP
  • IBMcustom
  • Lenovo
  • Questor Financial Corp

Frequently Asked Leasing Questions

Revised: 10/24/2011