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Mobility Solutions



What Is Mobility?

Many workers in Canada are mobile and require the right combination of technologies and services to safely and effectively communicate-whether they are at home or on the road. An integrated mobility solution consists of software (security and management), hardware devices (tablets, and notebooks), and cellular wireless activation services.

Many employees already have hand-held devices like phones or tablets for personal use; some of these devices can be repurposed for business use as well. Businesses may experience challenges with the bring-your-own-devices (BYOD) method: Which devices, what carrier, and who will support the solution. What is the company’s policy and does it include standardization of operating systems, handheld devices, and streamlined operations for a wireless broadband environment?

Providing seamless connectivity can include Wi-Fi in the local network and cellular wireless for remote access. The right mobility solution increases productivity end-to-end, reduces costs associated with management and OPEX and CAPEX expenditures, and provides a flexible work environment to increase customer and employee satisfaction.

What Does a Mobility Solution Look Like?

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

A software application that needs serious consideration for any enterprise exploring a mobility solution. These applications typically are modeled after the client server architecture where software is centralized on a backend server and a client component resides on the end system device. The software includes policy and security management capabilities across many different operating systems or platforms such as Apple, Android, RIM (BlackBerry), Symbian, and Windows.

An MDM solution should offer the following standard functionalities:

  • Application Management-deploy, update, and wipe
  • Policy-develop and control the operational aspects of the mobile network
  • Inventory-licenses, version control, provision, and support
  • Security Management-enforce password settings, encryption, and remote lock and wipe

How Will Mobility Benefit My Business?

A mobility solution keeps your company running smoothly with cutting-edge technology, including:

How Can I Help My Business Embrace Mobility Solutions?

When considering a mobility solution, it’s important to consider the following questions:

  • How quickly can you react to and identify a violation of your mobile policy?
  • What are you doing to manage and procure devices to optimize your wireless spend?
  • What mobile IT resources are required for employees to remain effective and efficient?
  • What is the total cost to your organization for provisioning and maintaining IT resources?
  • Are you dealing with multiple OSs and form factors?
  • How are personal liable devices currently secured?
  • Is there a need to activate new lines of service for smartphones or embedded notebooks?

What Comprises a Mobility Solution?

Our national providers can connect you to your resources with activation and additional services. We help you turn over the operational aspects to someone you can trust to have the right amount of expertise and experienced personnel to pull it off. Our portfolio includes:


Dedicated sales contacts and mobile wireless solution architects with the latest partner and industry trainings and certifications.

Software Services

Installation and configuration of software on wireless devices. Activate systems online prior to shipment with "turn key" on-demand activation services:

  • Order Management:

    Process and procurement Web site established for non-standard orders. Order processing via carrier portals or applications. Configuration services and user administration for BlackBerry, iPhone, and Android devices

  • Custom Kitting-software install, etching, and asset tags
  • Deployments-remote deployment help desk support
  • Device Pool Management-replacement devices
  • Device Recycling-wiping and disposal

Inventory Management

Expense and inventory management tracked and optimized to free up your personnel resources.

Carrier Management Services

Services to help with high-volume deployments across carriers and service lines.

Customized Support

On-site and remote installation, training, and support options for software and end user devices customized for your needs.

Getting Started with Mobility

Your CDW Account Manager and certified specialists are ready to assist you with every phase of choosing and leveraging the right solution for your IT environment. Our approach includes:

  • An initial discovery session to understand your goals, requirements, and budget
  • An assessment review of your existing environment and definition of project requirements
  • Detailed vendor evaluations, recommendations, future design, and proof of concept
  • Procurement, configuration, and deployment of the final solution
  • Ongoing project measurements to meet SLAs
  • Complete product lifecycle support and management