In this day and age, information is its own type of currency. There’s a thriving black market for sensitive data – as evidenced by the increasing number of high-profile data breaches at prominent organizations. It doesn’t matter if you are a big company or a small company, a government agency or a public company; if there is economic value in your data, you could become the next mark.

But malicious outsiders aren’t the only ones leaking sensitive data. Employees, whether they are well intentioned or disgruntled, are often the source of data loss. These data breaches can impact regulatory compliance, customer confidence and much more. It is critical to have the right data strategy and methodology in place. CDW’s security teams stay on top of new developments in the field, giving them the expertise to help you create the appropriate defense in depth security strategy.

When a client's data was leaking out through email, our solution architects fortified the organization's existing controls and implemented endpoint protection for stronger data defense.

We Get Data Loss Prevention (dlp)

Why You Need to Think About DLP Solutions

Thanks to BYOD policies and mobile computing, your data is more at risk than ever before. CDW’s security teams have years of experience designing, installing and deploying comprehensive DLP solutions for large enterprises, public sector organizations and small businesses. After performing a DLP risk assessment to pinpoint potential weak spots in your current environment, they’ll work with you to design a DLP solution that protects your data when in it’s in use, at rest and in motion.

Who is accessing your sensitive data, and what are they doing with it?

Even well-meaning employees can make mistakes handling sensitive data. Organizations must consider that even innocent actions — such as transferring data to a USB device, using a webmail account or copying and pasting from certain documents — can put data at risk. We can help you put together a comprehensive DLP solution to protect your sensitive data against unintentional loss during everyday activities.

Where is your confidential data?

One of the first steps in a DLP risk assessment is pinpointing exactly where sensitive data is stored in an organization. This data might sprawl across file servers, file shares, databases, personal computers and even publically accessible DMZ servers. We can help you move your sensitive data to a secure share for maximum protection.

Where is your sensitive data going?

Keeping an eye on data flowing out of an organization is a daunting task, considering the various protocols where data can escape. Should sensitive data be allowed to leave your network boundries through protocals such as HTTP, FTP, IM, P2P, or SMPT? If so, should the data be encrypted first? Our solution architechs can help you implement a network-based DLP solution with endpoint protection, data encryption and robust controls that let you determine which applications are allowed to communicate specific data to whom.

How We Prevent Data Loss

Endpoint Protection

With an increasingly mobile workforce and a steady migration to the cloud, your data security strategy can't stop at your firewall. A robust defense in depth solution must extend endpoint protection to smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices connecting to your network from outside your firewall. As the endpoint protection market continues to evolve, we draw on partnerships with industry leaders to tailor custom solutions for organizations large and small.


Encryption is a critical part of a data security strategy. The goal is to make sensitive data unreadable if it is intercepted either at rest or in transit. Data encryption can encompass anything from a whole disk down to the file/folder level and can even cover email and endpoint encryption. Whether you want your encrypted data delivered via cloud or on premise, our solution architects are here to help you examine your options and find the right encryption solution.