Kingston - DDR2 - 1 GB - SO-DIMM 200-pin

Mfg. Part: KTT667D2/1G | CDW Part: 946162 | UNSPSC: 32101602
  • DDR2
  • 1 GB
  • SO-DIMM 200-pin
  • 667 MHz / PC2-5300
  • unbuffered
  • non-ECC
  • for Toshiba Satellite A200
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Product Overview

Main Features
  • DDR2
  • 1 GB
  • SO-DIMM 200-pin
  • 667 MHz / PC2-5300
  • unbuffered
  • non-ECC
  • for Toshiba Satellite A200
  • A300
  • L300
  • P200
  • T115; Satellite Pro A300
  • L300; Tecra A9
  • M9
Kingston is the world's largest independent memory manufacturer. In today's performance-driven environment, memory upgrades provide an easy, economical alternative to increase system performance. Every memory product Kingston offers is designed to help you get maximum performance at the best price to you.

This memory is designed for the following Toshiba systems:

Portege M400;

Portege M400-100;

Portege M400-103;

Portege M400-104;

Portege M400-105;

Portege M400-106;

Portege M400-109;

Portege M400-117;

Portege M400-144;

Portege M400-146;

Portege M400-170;

Portege M400-3G143;

Portege M400-3G145;

Portege M400-S4031;

Portege M400-S4032;

Portege M400-S4034;

Portege M400-S933;

Portege M400-ST4001;

Portege M400-ST4035;

Portege M400-ST9113;

Portege M400-TD1;

Portege M400/08M00G;

Portege M400/1200TE;

Portege M405-S8003;

Portege M500-1044T;

Portege R300-MD2;

Portege R400-S4831;

Portege R400-S4832;

Portege R400-S4833;

Portege R400-S4931;

Qosmio G30-116;

Qosmio G30-117;

Qosmio G30-134;

Qosmio G30-137;

Qosmio G30-138;

Qosmio G30-139;

Qosmio G30-140;

Qosmio G30-143;

Qosmio G30-145;

Qosmio G30-148;

Qosmio G30-150;

Qosmio G30-153;

Qosmio G30-158;

Qosmio G30-161;

Qosmio G30-162;

Qosmio G30-163;

Qosmio G30-175;

Qosmio G30-176;

Qosmio G30-178;

Qosmio G30-179;

Qosmio G30-190;

Qosmio G30-191;

Qosmio G30-194;

Qosmio G30-AV4;

Qosmio G30-HD2;

Qosmio G30-P650 / G30-P650T;

Qosmio G30/01Q01J;

Qosmio G30/01Y01F;

Qosmio G35-AV650;

Qosmio G35-AV660;

Satellite A100-0FH;

Satellite A100-1011E;

Satellite A100-1021E;

Satellite A100-111;

Satellite A100-114;

Satellite A100-121;

Satellite A100-133;

Satellite A100-149;

Satellite A100-197;

Satellite A100-201;

Satellite A100-2112E;

Satellite A100-214;

Satellite A100-216;

Satellite A100-277;

Satellite A100-294;

Satellite A100-3012E;

Satellite A100-3022E;

Satellite A100-317;

Satellite A100-487;

Satellite A100-496;

Satellite A100-499;

Satellite A100-643;

Satellite A100-644;

Satellite A100-655;

Satellite A100-682;

Satellite A100-683;

Satellite A100-688;

Satellite A100-691;

Satellite A100-694;

Satellite A100-703;

Satellite A100-704;

Satellite A100-712;

Satellite A100-718;

Satellite A100-720;

Satellite A100-749;

Satellite A100-777;

Satellite A100-906;

Satellite A100-924;

Satellite A100-925;

Satellite A100-926;

Satellite A100-956;

Satellite A100-P530;

Satellite A100-P540;

Satellite A100-P542;

Satellite A100-P543;

Satellite A100-P545;

Satellite A100-SK4;

Satellite A100-SK8;

Satellite A100-SK9;

Satellite A100-ST1042;

Satellite A100-ST8211;

Satellite A100-TA2;

Satellite A100-TA6;

Satellite A100/0CU004;

Satellite A100/0GF010;

Satellite A105-S4024;

Satellite A105-S4092;

Satellite A105-S4102;

Satellite A105-S4104;

Satellite A105-S4114;

Satellite A105-S4124;

Satellite A105-S4132;

Satellite A105-S4134;

Satellite A105-S4201;

Satellite A105-S4204;

Satellite A105-S4211;

Satellite A105-S4214;

Satellite A105-S4244;

Satellite A105-S4254;

Satellite A105-S4274;

Satellite A105-S4284;

Satellite A105-S4324;

Satellite A105-S4334;

Satellite A105-S4342;

Satellite A105-S4344;

Satellite A105-S4364;

Satellite A105-S4384;

Satellite A105-S4397;

Satellite A105-SP2011;

Satellite A105-SP4021;

Satellite A105-SP4031;

Satellite A110-274;

Satellite A110-275;

Satellite A110-277;

Satellite A135-S4427;

Satellite A135-S4437;

Satellite A135-S4447;

Satellite A135-S4457;

Satellite A135-S4467;

Satellite A135-S4477;

Satellite A135-S4478;

Satellite A135-S4487;

Satellite A135-S4488;

Satellite A135-S4498;

Satellite A135-S4499;

Satellite A135-S4517;

Satellite M100-1011E;

Satellite M100-1021E;

Satellite M100-1111E;

Satellite M100-1121E;

Satellite M100-179;

Satellite M100-2011E;

Satellite M100-2021E;

Satellite M100-2111E;

Satellite M100-2121E;

Satellite M100-3012E;

Satellite M100-3022E;

Satellite M100-P340;

Satellite M100-P340T;

Satellite M100-P341T;

Satellite M100-P343;

Satellite M100-P345;

Satellite M100-P345T;

Satellite M100-ST5111;

Satellite M100-ST5211;

Satellite M105-S3001;

Satellite M105-S3002;

Satellite M105-S3004;

Satellite M105-S3011;

Satellite M105-S3012;

Satellite M105-S3021;

Satellite M105-S3031;

Satellite M105-S3041;

Satellite M105-S3051;

Satellite M105-S3064;

Satellite M105-S3074;

Satellite M105-S3084;

Satellite M105-SP3011;

Satellite M105-SP3031;

Satellite M105-SP3041;

Satellite M110-05H00C;

Satellite M110-0MX00S;

Satellite M110-ST1161;

Satellite M115-S3094;

Satellite M115-S3144;

Satellite M115-SP3021;

Satellite P100-102;

Satellite P100-103;

Satellite P100-105;

Satellite P100-108;

Satellite P100-109;

Satellite P100-112;

Satellite P100-113;

Satellite P100-114;

Satellite P100-115;

Satellite P100-119;

Satellite P100-188;

Satellite P100-191;

Satellite P100-192;

Satellite P100-194;

Satellite P100-197;

Satellite P100-198;

Satellite P100-199;

Satellite P100-1K501T;

Satellite P100-203;

Satellite P100-204;

Satellite P100-210;

Satellite P100-215;

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