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CDW Canada works with third-party E-Procurement software providers, marketplaces, exchanges, and consortiums to integrate with your procurement solutions. With CDW Canada E-Procurement services, you can:

  • Refine your buying procedures
  • Consolidate all purchases through one interface
  • Minimize human error
  • Decrease transactional costs
  • Decrease order fulfillment costs (consolidate invoices)
  • Improve spend control
  • Benefit from one-stop shopping, reporting, and forecasting


Our catalogue content is accessible to you. Catalogue size, pricing, and comprehensive shopping experience are specific to your needs. Both “static” and “dynamic” catalogues are offered.

  • Punchout/Roundtrip—Allows you to dynamically access your current CDW Canada website from your company buying solution.
  • Electronic Invoicing—Customers can receive their invoices in ANSIx12 4010 EDI, XML, cXML, or mapped flat file formats. CDW Canada uses Gentrans Information Suite as our Parser/Translator.
  • Flat Files—Allows you to control your catalog. Files can be .csv, .txt, .zip, or .cif. from one to 200,000 line items; buyer-specific pricing/product; hosted on PGP FTP server.


CDW Canada can accommodate order submission (PO submission) in the following formats:

  • Punchout/Roundtrip: cXML version 1.2
  • Roundtrip: OCI version 3.5
  • EDI: 810-850/855
  • E-mail: Address determined by your CDW Canada account team.
  • Fax: Fax number determined by your CDW Canada account team.


CDW Canada currently allows electronic or paper invoicing. In addition, we accept PCards and are compliant to level/tier 3. We also provide online access to your invoices through the Finance Centre section of your extranet. Note: To view the Finance Centre, you must have finance user permission.

Getting Started with CDW Canada E-Procurement Services

Our comprehensive integration process entails:

  • Review of completed of B2B Assessment Form (RFQ/RFP) and outline
  • Project outline conference call
  • Define project and signoff
  • Solution setup and testing
  • Catalogue content review and update
  • Launch into production

CDW Canada E-Procurement Partners

We’ve successfully integrated with more than 60 ERP-SRM and Marketplace procurement applications and partners, including:

  • ariba
  • oracle
  • SAP
  • sciquest
  • GHX
  • coupa
  • Tectura
  • Perfect Commerce
  • unimarket
  • epylon_logo
  • esm-logo
  • expensewatch

Electronic Documents

Exchanging business documents electronically with CDW Canada enables your organization to complete business-critical transactions with improved speed, accuracy, and efficiency. To begin electronic document exchange with CDW, Canada first determine:

  • What types of documents are to be exchanged
  • The data format of the documents
  • The communication method required to exchange the documents

CDW Canada also requires that a signed Trading Partner Agreement (TPA) and a completed questionnaire be submitted for all new implementation requests.

Communication Methods

CDW Canada supports a variety of communication methods. The preferred method is to use FTP with PGP encryption.

  • FTP (File Transfer Protocol)—CDW Canada’s FTP processing is flexible. We can exchange fixed length, wrapped, or unwrapped files, with or without CR/LF. We also can exchange stream files—one continuous stream of data (variable length). Naming conventions for files and the number of files exchanged are flexible.

    Either CDW Canada or the Partner may host the FTP site. UserID and Password are required to access CDW Canada’s FTP site. CDW Canada can delete files that have been retrieved. Partners will be expected to delete files after they are retrieved.

    CDW Canada uses PGP to encrypt data exchanged via FTP. PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) is widely available and uses public-key cryptography to exchange files, with both privacy and authentication, over all kinds of networks.

    CDW Canada can also support FTP using SSH or SSL session encryption.
  • EDIINT-AS1—This communication method uses the e-mail system to transfer encrypted data over the Internet. The partner needs to have an AS1 compliant software package that can encrypt and decrypt EDIINT AS1 data.
  • EDIINT-AS2—This communication method uses the Internet to exchange data and an HTTP post (language of websites) to transfer encrypted data between CDW Canada and the customer.
  • HTTPS (Hyper Text Transmission Protocol, Secure)—This method allows CDW Canada to send and receive data through a Web Server using HTTP/S. HTTP is traditionally used for displaying interactive Web pages, but can also be used as a communication method.
  • VANs (Value Added Networks)—A VAN is the least desirable method due to the fees incurred for this third-party service. CDW Canada will work with you to eliminate the use of VANs as a communication method. If necessary, we can establish a secure connection to and from a VAN.

Getting Started with Electronic Document Services

To view or download the Trading Partner Agreement, questionnaire, or document specifications, please expand the sub-section below that best describes your relationship (Customer, Vendor, Other) to CDW Canada. A request for information may be made in several different ways:

  • Download documents from the appropriate sub-section below
  • Call Electronic Document Support: 847.419.6336
  • E-mail the EDI team
  • Fax us: 847.419.6636


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