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CDW specialists can help keep
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Expert Advice from a CDW Specialist

Server Vulnerability Assessment:
  • Consider methods of possible attack. Include configurations and physical locations.
  • Document all countermeasures.
  • Consider potential impact should countermeasures be circumvented.
  • Use the information gleaned from above to plan for contingencies.


Security Specialist
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Security Management

Security management is the process of developing a comprehensive data protection plan. It takes into account all potential threats, the existing network environment, the future needs of the organization, and lays out a multi-tiered blueprint to integrate the security technology needed to combat these threats.

Gateway and Network Security

Securing your network begins at the gateway, also called the perimeter, to keep unauthorized users, viruses and malicious code from entering.

Remote Access Security

In today's business climate, companies must provide network and data access to remote and mobile employees as well as outside contractors and vendors. In doing so, companies open themselves up to significant risk. Remote access security proactively manages these risks to keep your operation productive, flexible and secure.

Compliance and Policy Management

In addition to internal security policies, corporate governance and regulatory bodies continually impose new regulations and policies that companies must follow or face stiff penalties. Compliance and policy management provides a method to help manage, audit and remediate your environment to comply with all policies.