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CDW has everything you need to assess, validate, deploy and manage software at your organization, so you can maximize your investment.

CDW Total Software Management is everything you need to make every step of software management simple and effective. Whether you need help determining if cloud apps are the right choice for your organization's future, planning the deployment of your next software rollout, or assistance keeping track of your software contracts and staying compliant, CDW Total Software Management is here to optimize your software environment.

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Before you effectively invest in new software or start thinking about a strategic software plan for the future, you need to figure out what your current software environment looks like and assess your current contract and asset situation. CDW is here to help you assess your current situation—software usage, rogue IT issues, current licensing and contracts, software audit concerns and more, so you can make wise investments in the future.


Every investment you make in software should build up to your long-term goals. CDW is here to help you build a software strategy and then select the software you need to set that strategy into motion. CDW can also help you test and pilot solutions within your current environment, and select the right software you need for your business and technical requirements.


Software deployment can be a difficult task. We have the expertise you crave and the industry knowledge you need to help you design a solution that makes sense for your organization. Plus, we can help you make the business case to the rest of your stakeholders. When it comes time for implementation, we have the services you need to make migration and integration as simple as possible.


CDW has everything you need to make day-to-day software management simple. CDW can make dealing with multiple licenses, vendors and software solutions simple and effective, with our experienced team of professionals there to help you throughout the process.




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