About Collaboration

When designing a Collaboration plan, you can tap into a vast array of tools. But the key is to understand how your employees work and to use that knowledge to put together a strategy that provides both the best user experience and alignment with your business goals.

Your strategy might involve every facet of Collaboration, or maybe you're looking to improve specific elements of an existing initiative. No matter your customization needs, we can help you put the pieces together.

No one likes static on the line. A frictionless experience is the ultimate goal of any Collaboration plan, and that includes the process it takes to get there.

Here's how we provide it:

  1. We start by examining how your employees work and the tools they need to meet their jobs’ demands. Do they need to be mobile? Global? Or just available?
  2. We then build a solution designed around these needs using our network of partnerships. It can include everything from conferencing and telephony to messaging and social collaboration, and it can be on premises or cloud based.
  3. After we receive your business’s approval, we bring in our team of IT specialists to implement your solution. Our presales solution architects, implementation engineers and consultants, and dedicated sales personnel work together to ensure design and experience come together seamlessly.

To help your new solution succeed from day one, we also help develop a culture of collaboration within your organization from the executive level on down.

This is the frictionless experience.

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