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How to Improve IT Service Delivery with Dell's APEX Console

Dell's APEX Console empowers users and stakeholders with the insights, actions and workflows to create a more agile IT organization.

How to Improve IT Service Delivery with Dell's APEX Console

At Dell Technologies World 2021, our partners at Dell introduced their new APEX Console, which provides a unified experience for modern IT service delivery. Rony Toro, Business Development Manager at CDW, who attended the conference, says that APEX is enabling access to Dell technology for all, with one of the most thorough portfolios for data centre in the market now being offered as a service for storage, HCI and almost any other Dell data centre and edge solution your organization needs.

The Dell APEX Console empowers users and stakeholders developers, administrators and managers alike with the insights, actions and workflows necessary to create a more agile IT organization. It provides a single interface to:

  • Discover resources from a catalogue of Dell Technologies infrastructure services
  • Configure and subscribe to new services more quickly and easily with built-in approval and purchasing workflows
  • Deploy and provision your critical workloads and resources across your new services
  • Monitor and manage your services while tracking key performance indicators for your business objectives
  • Proactively optimize performance with complete transparency into utilization and spend
  • Update or renew your subscriptions, and quickly grow service capacity to keep pace with your growing business

As-a-Service, at your service

Within the APEX Console, you can create, configure and place subscription orders through self-service workflows that allow you to save draft configurations or submit them for financial approval.

When subscribing to new services or expanding existing ones, built-in site surveys, order tracking and colocation deployment options ensure your services are deployed within your chosen IT environment quickly.

Once your subscription has been activated, the APEX Console gives complete visibility of billing details and documents, including invoices, credit memos and even pre-invoice usage reports for APEX Flex On Demand customers.

Meet mission-critical business demands with APEX Console

The modern IT experience demands greater self-service for IT and financial users, and APEX Console delivers. From configuring services and deploying use cases to querying historical billing details and planning for future growth, the APEX Console provides the tools to power your IT journey for any user within your organization.

APEX Console empowers IT users to monitor and modify subscriptions to increase capacity, improve performance and balance active and backup storage data sets. For APEX Data Storage Services, the APEX Console includes integrated monitoring and capacity management capabilities to give you a quick look at your system health, then provides access to deeper insights and metrics to optimize performance and utilization with predictive analytics for capacity management and forecasting.

The APEX Console provides the visibility you need to be agile and stay one step ahead of the competition. This modern, unified workflow aligns your business objectives across infrastructure, software, licensing, documentation and support. Having oversight of all your resources through the APEX Console enables a more agile IT department that can meet mission-critical business demands.

How CDW and APEX Console can help you run your data centre

The scope of solutions and the APEX Console allows for partners like CDW Canada to become an outcome-based advisor for our customers without the limitations of big hardware investments, says Rony Toro. Having a partner like CDW Canada means you can focus on innovation while we keep your data centre running efficiently.

Dell's APEX infrastructure promises to give the cloud aficionados a great way to leverage CDW experts in AI, application modernization and beyond, without the limitations of traditional cloud models. We are looking forward to the inevitable innovation that can happen when our customers partner with CDW and Dell Technologies' new, forward thinking solutions for the future.

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