January 20, 2023

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Refine Project Delivery from Design to Construction with Autodesk AEC Collection

Whether you’re expanding your CAD skills or looking for ways to make the most of your BIM investment, the AEC collection can help you with all aspects of design and build.

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People in an office working on CAD software.

Whether you’re an architect, engineer or contractor, you’re a problem solver, and having the right software for the job shouldn’t be another problem you have to solve. With the Autodesk AEC Collection, you can track, review and collaborate – from design to construction – to reduce errors, get to your solution faster and manage all project data in the cloud.

Whether you’re expanding your CAD skills or looking for ways to make the most of your BIM investment, the AEC collection can help you with all aspects of design and build. Learn more about the use cases of this Autodesk software suite across building design, infrastructure design and construction in this blog.

Unlock your best building designs with BIM and CAD software

Exceed client expectations with design and analysis software that allows you to tap into your creativity and problem solving. With intelligent model-based design and task automation, you can focus on the most important design challenges. Plus, improve project collaboration and performance with a cloud-based common data environment.

Architecture: Improve conceptual design processes with the new interoperability workflow between Revit and FormIt. Create conceptual designs that you can easily move into BIM workflows to complete detailed design work. Optimize and explore designs with integrated analysis and visualization.

Structural engineering: Get integrated tools for structural design, detailing, analysis and fabrication, so you can focus on tackling engineering challenges rather than data inefficiencies and rework. Design, analyze and detail concrete and steel structures with Revit, Robot Structural Analysis Professional and Advance Steel.

MEP systems: Seamlessly analyze, design and detail mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems in coordination with architects and structural designers. Get real-time feedback to inform design decisions for better building performance with Revit and Insight.

How civil engineers can use the AEC Collection

The AEC Collection allows you to work with connected tools for concepting, design, analysis and optimization to better meet design requirements and enhance client satisfaction. You can coordinate effectively from design to construction to reduce risks, minimize RFIs and ensure constructability.

Transportation: Deliver comprehensive road and highway designs more efficiently with the AEC Collection. Establish collaborative practices across disciplines, coordinate horizontal design and vertical structures and drive more positive outcomes on transportation projects by using tools like Civil 3D, InfraWorks and Revit.

Site design: Accelerate workflows with tools that connect the capture of existing site conditions data to conceptual and detailed design processes across various project types. Create context models with more accurate existing conditions data for better conceptual design decisions.

Water infrastructure: Design water treatment plant piping and structures with connected drafting, modelling and analysis tools. Connect multidiscipline teams to deliver water infrastructure projects with greater environmental, social and economic benefits.

Improve constructability with Autodesk AEC Collection

Push your projects further with confidence using schedule and cost simulation. The AEC Collection provides powerful 3D coordination tools that detect clashes, errors and omissions and a single document management platform across design and construction to better control quality, cost and schedule.

General contractors: Rapidly move from design intent to construction without compromising quality. Build reliable estimates and minimize material waste with precise quantification tools.

MEP contractors: Improve MEP project workflows using the streamlined design to fabrication capabilities in Revit and Fabrication CADmep, coupled with powerful clash detection tools in Navisworks. Use BIM-based workflows to move more seamlessly between design intent and detailing for fabrication.

Structural fabrication: Automate design to detailing to produce accurate shop deliverables that drive fabrication of concrete and steel structures. Revit and Advance Steel provide a more seamless BIM workflow from design to fabrication.


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