September 14, 2022

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Protect Your Data With Managed Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions

Limited resources? No problem! CDW’s Solution Architects help your organization fulfill its data protection needs

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Data is the most valuable asset of every organization. Across all sectors and industries, organizations deal with information that is delicate, confidential and, on many occasions, irreplaceable. Many Canadian organizations are familiar with data protection and already have backup and disaster recovery platforms running – but are they doing enough?

According to Jason Allan, Principal, Hybrid Cloud Services at CDW Canada, there’s still room for improvement:


While many organizations have a good idea of their data protection requirements, few have a holistic data protection strategy. Even those with a fulsome strategy tend to lack the resources necessary to execute it properly, and that's where we can help them out.

–   Jason Allan, Principal, Hybrid Cloud Services at CDW Canada

The Growing Need for Managed Data Protection Solutions

While it is no surprise that ransomware is a major security issue for Canadian organizations, what may surprise you is just how pervasive and persistent it has become.

Our latest Security Study, Advancing the Maturity of Canadian Organizations, revealed seventy-three percent of Canadian organizations surveyed reported data infiltration attacks with ransom demands in the past year. Additionally, the data found that organizations of all sizes were affected by this, with the statistic remaining consistent across small, medium, large and enterprise organizations.

With ransomware on the rise, Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) and Backup as a Service (BaaS) are two solutions to ensure ongoing and undisturbed operations in the event of an attack. At CDW, we perform a thorough process of assessments and testing to provide organizations with a holistic data protection strategy based on solutions managed by best-in-class data protection experts. In doing so, data can then be backed up properly as part of a detailed data protection plan to meet individual recovery time and recovery point objectives in the event of an incident. Having a robust system in place to back up and recover sensitive information is imperative to be successful in today’s threat landscape.

The Importance of Relying on the Right IT Partner

Developing and implementing the right strategy is essential for protecting your data and ensuring business continuity, but the correct execution of that strategy is equally important. Relying on the right IT partner to manage your backup and disaster recovery solutions can make a huge difference in ensuring the best results, since internal resources don’t always allow for the required knowledge of highly trained and specialized IT professionals.

Jason Allan explains how some organizations underuse their data protection solutions due to a lack of knowledge or resources:


I have spoken with customers who have a disaster recovery platform in place, but it's never been tested, which is a common issue as testing involves a lot of work. The problem is that if you don’t do enough testing, you can’t be sure that the disaster recovery solution will work when you need it.

Relying on IT experts to manage backup and disaster recovery platforms can help organizations truly make the most out of their solutions. At the same time, it also helps offload some of the work, giving internal teams the time to focus on other crucial tasks for the organization. 

Why CDW for DRaaS and BaaS?

At CDW, we get disaster recovery and backup, and our experts are here to help you develop and manage the right solution according to your unique data protection needs. There are many more – but here are four main reasons why you should consider collaborating with our team: 

  1. A tailored service: We invest time and effort to thoughtfully assess your environment to truly understand the needs of your organization and develop the perfect solution, according to your requirements.   
  2. Depth of knowledge: Our experts have been implementing and managing disaster recovery and backup solutions for decades. Our team also has qualified IT professionals in other key areas, such as Risk Advisory Services, which guarantees a holistic point of view at all times. 
  3. Constant Support: We don’t simply install your product and go on our way; we have the capabilities to manage it and our National Operations Centre is here to support you 24x7x365. We always focus on 99.99 percent availability, and we were recently recognized as Canada’s top solution provider of the year.  
  4. A Canada-based team: We don't outsource our services overseas, and you can rest easy knowing you will always be working with Canada-based professionals that understand the ins and outs of local regulations.