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CDW StudioCloud: Powering Superhero Films & Streaming Your Favourite Cartoons

CDW StudioCloud provides a flexible menu for animation and VFX studios in need of compute to render animation and VFX for films, television and streaming. These services can be deployed as an extension of studios’ on-premises workflow.

Not all superheroes wear capes.

While some of the world’s biggest heroes run, jump and fly across our screens at home and in theatres, a dedicated team of behind-the-scenes technology heroes use their IT superpowers to bring these films and television shows to life.

CDW StudioCloud serves the world’s largest animation and visual effects studios

StudioCloud data centres are located in Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal and Los Angeles with additional deployments around the world.








years' experience

Person sitting on a computer editing a movie in a film studio.

It's with a great deal of pride that StudioCloud is able to power many of the world's largest feature films and TV series. To be a part of that is just so much fun!

–   Kris Kostiuk, Global Director, Business Development - Media & Entertainment at CDW Canada

Enabling Creativity with Flexible Options

The visual effects that transport us to different worlds through our screens would not be possible without image rendering. CDW StudioCloud provides a flexible menu for animation and VFX studios in need of compute to render animation and VFX for films, television and streaming. These services can be deployed as an extension of studios’ on-premises workflow. CDW provides hosting, allowing owned assets such as rackmount storage and workstations to be positioned alongside all StudioCloud rental or purchase offerings. StudioCloud’s offerings are the most flexible on the market and include short-term rentals, long-term rentals, purchase plans and sub-leases – whatever is needed to save the day!

Driving the Industry with Low Latency

The film and television industry moves at the speed of light, and it’s important for the technology that powers it to keep pace. With StudioCloud, leveraging dark fibre, studios can enjoy a low latency, high bandwidth experience that mimics an on-premise technology experience. As remote and hybrid work models are here to stay, it is even more critical to keep data moving on time to wherever it needs to go, to whoever needs to see it – and StudioCloud offers this solution.

Impenetrable Security Ensures Content & Projects Are Protected

Box office hits and television shows take years to make, and most aspects of the production remain under lock and key during this time. At CDW StudioCloud, we understand the sensitive nature of these projects and go above and beyond to maintain confidentiality and security. StudioCloud’s air-gapped architecture provides an impenetrable design that secures both the network and the infrastructure that meets or exceeds the official standards for the Motion Picture Association and Trusted Partner Network.

3 Reasons Why AMD EPYC™ in Dell PowerEdge Servers Delivers Value for HPC

Get Optimal Performance

PowerEdge servers are fully optimized for AMD EPYCTM processors to deliver performance for the most compute-intensive HPC workloads, while extending access to more departments and projects.

Stay Secure

PowerEdge servers are “hardened at the core” to help mitigate risks, with built-in security features that span every layer to protect intellectual property, sensitive personal information and research insights. AMD’s Secure Processor technology with cryptographic functionality provides full-stack encryption without processor overhead.

Lower Costs Without Compromise

Powerful AMD EPYCTM processors reduce the number of processors and servers required — so you can save on licensing costs and boost performance within a tight research budget.

Logos for Dell and AMD

The Power of Partnerships

The flexibility, speed and security of CDW StudioCloud would not be possible without amazing partnerships every step of the way. CDW is proud to partner with key media & entertainment players like Autodesk, AMD, Dell Technologies and NVIDIA. In particular, StudioCloud’s render farm is proudly powered by Dell compute, network and storage. These partnerships are the secret superpower that deliver 128 physical cores or 256 threads per server.

These partnerships also provide the ability to deliver custom turnkey solutions to studios to meet their needs. CDW StudioCloud works with Dell and AMD to secure inventory and store it. This eliminates a host of supply chain issues to help streamline operations.


Dell's C6425 server, powered by dual AMD EPYCTM CPU's offers the power and density to render more frames per rack than any other solution on the market today. In all my years of rendering I never could imagine the density and efficiency we are gaining from Dell's latest servers, powered by AMD EPYCTM.

- Joe D'Amato, Senior Solutions Architect - Media & Entertainment at CDW Canada