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CrowdStrike & CDW

CrowdStrike is a leader in next-generation endpoint protection, threat intelligence and response services. CrowdStrike’s core technology, the Falcon Platform, unifies next-gen AV, endpoint detection and response and proactive hunting — all delivered via the cloud.

Endpoint Protection Buyers Guide

Endpoint security is one of the most critical components of a cybersecurity strategy. Unfortunately, for those responsible for protecting their organizations’ endpoints, it has never been more challenging to select the best solution for the job. With so many options on the market and features that sound identical, choosing an endpoint protection solution is anything but straightforward.

Don’t Settle When it Comes to Endpoint Security

Examining The Difference: Don’t settle when it comes to endpoint security, make sure your security provider has flexible architecture for the digital world.

The Total Economic Impact™ of CrowdStrike Falcon Complete

Falcon Complete is a fully managed cybersecurity endpoint protection service that monitors, detects, prevents and remediates possible breaches and intrusions. Learn the cost savings and business benefits enabled by Falcon Complete.

Crowdstrike and CDW

Together, Crowdstrike and CDW can help you protect your organization from cyberthreats.

Cyber Risk Governance and Compliance

The first step to protecting your assets is by assessing your cybersecurity posture, taking into account people, process and technology.

Incident and Event Monitoring

We provide an enterprise-wide view of security across your environment, giving you the visibility and control to quickly identify security threats to your organization.

Manage and Control Firewall Policies

CDW’s team of experts is here to help your organization get the most out of your NGFW investments.

For next-gen cybersecurity, get started with a CrowdStrike and CDW custom solution today.

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