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Amplify and accelerate your creativity, productivity, data centre capabilities or entertainment experience with NVIDIA® networking, data centre and NVIDIA RTX™ Professional GPUs and GeForce RTX gaming graphics boards.

About PNY

With over 3 decades of experience in manufacturing and enterprise support, PNY delivers high-performance NVIDIA® GPU solutions ranging from AI and HPC enterprise data centres to graphics and AI workstations.

Professional Visualization Powered by NVIDIA RTX

The NVIDIA RTX 6000 Ada combines extremely high levels of rendering, visualization, AI and compute performance in a professional graphics card. NVIDIA RTX 6000-powered workstations provide what you need to succeed in today’s ultrachallenging business environment.

NVIDIA Data Centre GPUs

The NVIDIA L40 delivers up to twice the real-time ray-tracing performance of the previous Ampere generation to enable high-performance ray tracing of complex geometry and the creation of beautifully detailed, photorealistic models and scenes.

NVIDIA Networking

NVIDIA networking enables a new era of accelerated computing so your business can maximize AI investments for next-generation Exascale data centres.


Together, PNY and CDW deliver high-performance solutions to meet your business needs.

A Data Centre Technology Leader

For over 35 years, PNY has been delivering high quality and reliable memory, storage, graphics and networking solutions to the marketplace.

Your NVIDIA GPU Expert

PNY provides NVIDIA-based GPU products to the marketplace. Whether it’s 4K gaming, desktop graphics or data centre compute and AI, CDW and PNY have the right GPU solution for your needs.

Service and Support Commitment

PNY offers service and support for all their products, including NVIDIA GPU and networking solutions. PNY products work across all system brands, backed by pre- and post-sales support, and a staff of field application engineers.