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Seagate and CDW

For over 40 years, Seagate has enabled exponential data growth by delivering world-class, precision-engineered storage solutions. From breakthrough hard drives, solid state drives, systems and data recovery services, Seagate helps you maximize data's potential.

Data Storage Systems – EXOS CORVAULT

Enhance data availability, durability and sustainability while reducing its carbon footprint, e-waste and TCO.


Exos® CORVAULT™ 4U106 4U rackmount—featuring 106 drives for 1.2-metre-deep racks.


Exos® CORVAULT™ 5U84 5U rackmount—featuring 84 drives for 1.0-metre-deep racks.

Enterprise Solutions Data Storage Systems

Discover data storage solutions built on trust, affordability and ease.

Seagate Storage Upgrade Promotion

When you need a reliable storage systems partner, Seagate® delivers. Elevate your data storage offering by upgrading to the newest generation of storage.

Software-Defined Storage Solutions

Seagate® enterprise storage systems with the OSNEXUS QuantaStor storage platform provides unified block, file, and object storage with scale-out and scale-up architecture options to serve a broad spectrum of workloads. 

All Flash, Hybrid & Disk Arrays

Tightly integrated for maximum capacity and high performance.

Seagate Exos X 2U12

Advanced data protection, capacity and performance for smaller deployments.


Seagate Exos X 2U24

Enterprise performance for midsized storage applications requiring speed, durability and advanced versatility.

Seagate Exos X 5U84

Ultradense for maximum capacity, availability, versatility and performance.


Compute and Storage Convergence Platforms

Easily scale your data systems while reducing your footprint with Seagate's versatile and feature rich design.

Seagate Exos AP 2U12

Advanced convergence for smaller deployments.


Seagate Exos AP 2U24

The datasphere’s right-sized performance and storage solution for mid-sized cost-optimized deployments.

Seagate Exos AP 5U84

Super dense compute and storage.


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