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Security and Services with Xerox

The Xerox Print Solution integrates onto your existing IT environment and network with minimal disruption, simplyflying Managed Print Services (MPS). By closely integrating MPS with IT, you get more value for your organization through clearer accountability and a single point of contact. 

These days, you can’t afford anything less than keeping information completely secure, so Xerox uses the latest secure print solutions technology for enhanced authentication, encryption and virus protection. Xerox has partnered with experts like Cisco and McAfee, who have industry standards second to none.

Xerox has the bandwidth and strength to support integration and document security on a global scale. That’s critical for businesses, large and small.

Learn More About Xerox, Cisco and McAfee (PDF)

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Choose Genuine Xerox® Toner for the Exceptional Value and Results

A lot of questions arise with compatibles — will the colors be as bright? Will lines be as sharp? Will it last as long? Could it even damage your printer?

It’s a risk to use sub-standard bargain brand toner that isn't designed for your Xerox printer — problems can quickly arise. Genuine Xerox Toner and printers are Made For Each Other® so you’re assured of brilliant, reliable results — offering great value, day after day.

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