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Get IT – Episode 1

Endpoint Security Best Practices for Remote Workers

Episode 1: Endpoint Security Best Practices
for Working at Home

In this episode, Theo van Wyk and Chris Graziano from CDW and Mike Storm from Cisco share home network security best practices and discuss cybersecurity risks to be aware of when working from home.

Featured in this Episode

Theo van Wyk is the Head of Cybersecurity at CDW Canada. He leads the security solution architecture team, where he works with customers to address their IT security and risk challenges. Starting with data risk in mind, Theo advises and guides customers to develop a balanced security approach, ensuring the recommended security solutions enable their governance, risk and compliance program, while supporting the needs of IT operations.  

Chris Graziano is the Team Lead of Cybersecurity at CDW. He has 15+ years of experience in the information technology domain, the last five focused on cybersecurity. Chris has a strong passion for information technology and information security, and has conducted multiple successful penetration tests, vulnerability assessments, social engineering, adversarial simulations and red team engagements.

Mike Storm, Cybersecurity Distinguished Engineer at Cisco and 15-year CCIE Security, focuses on solution architectures and strategy for the Global Cisco Security business. A sought-after keynote speaker with 28 years in the networking and cybersecurity industry, Storm has an affinity for security architectures and security operations and frequently speaks, blogs and podcasts on cybersecurity topics.

Let CDW and Cisco help you with your security solution needs.

Key topics in this episode
  • Can working from home be just as secure as working from an office?
  • Pros and cons of a VPN when it comes to network security
  • Cybersecurity threats related to videoconferencing
  • The importance of creating strong, unique passwords
  • Email security and how to spot a phishing attack
  • Security best practices for smart home devices

Stats from this episode

Cisco starts its virtual meetings 5-10 minutes past the hour (or the half hour) in order to reduce the load on the system and avoid DoS attacks on the remote access provider.

To prevent attackers from easily cracking your password, you should create a unique, complex passphrase of around 20 characters. Using a password manager app can help you store your passwords so you don’t need to enter them every time.

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