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In the face of digital volatility, cybersecurity solutions must go the extra mile. Otherwise, they're not solutions at all. Learn how to prepare, defend and respond to today's threat landscape.

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Canadian organizations are facing critical cybersecurity challenges.

Since the outset of the pandemic, digital solutions have played an increasingly important role in maintaining business continuity for Canadian organizations. Unfortunately, this has led to the cost of cybercompromise reaching an all-time high as malicious actors continue to capitalize on the ongoing changes and disruptions facing businesses today.

Any extraneous malicious data access and/or disruption can mean the difference between staying ahead of the curve or being stampeded in the race to the finish line. Our IDC Canada cross-industry study of IT security risk and compliance professionals discovered that cybercriminals are relentlessly targeting big business with massive ROI implications.


The cost of compromise to an organization facing data exfiltration, infiltration and/or denial of service landed between $7 million and $8.7 million in 2020.


Closing gaps and aligning new technologies with skills and talents.


Prepare for anything that may emerge


Defend against disruptions methodologically


Respond without panic

Our team believes that when it comes to building a strong cybersecurity strategy, one should leave no stone unturned. We have developed a full appreciation of how an organization can adequately prepare, defend and respond to today’s threat landscape.

The best approach is to follow the study guidelines that centre on the technologies and processes proven to get industry-best results for different situations, and have the right skills and talents in your corner to analyze, advise and deploy these technologies.

Clients who take the time to understand the magnitude of the threat to their business appreciate the challenges ahead. Tackling the forces aligned against organizations is a collaborative effort that should strengthen security posture significantly.


The Canadian cybersecurity landscape is changing.

Our study represents the beginning of changing the shape of cybersecurity and focuses on three fundamental approaches and technologies:


The study observes zero-trust emerging as one of the key enabling technologies. We see a maturing cycle kicking in with much easier use.


Security Orchestration, Automation and Response: Ensuring that different vendor security solutions integrate safely with relatively easy deployment.


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: The study observes AI/ML extending uses to organizations that do not accommodate in-house resources, model development, training and maintenance.


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Cybercriminals are not waiting for tomorrow.