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Today's networks and their users are under attack from an ever-expanding universe of threats, malware, and vulnerabilities. More and more of these threats are focused on financial gain as opposed to notoriety, and hackers have learned to use evasive applications, tunneling and encryption to avoid detection by traditional IPS solutions. To make matters worse, many organizations have resorted to the habit of "see a security problem, buy an appliance", leading to a lack of coordination, poor visibility, and poor performance. This has left a dangerous situation, where security solutions are increasingly fractured and difficult to manage, while the hackers are increasingly adept at penetrating them.

Palo Alto Networks offers a unique and modern approach to threat prevention that begins by proactively reducing the vulnerability of the network, and then fully inspecting all allowed traffic for threats. Palo Alto Networks lets organizations instantly and dramatically reduce the attack surface of their networks by preventing or limiting risky or unnecessary applications or features. This includes a variety of applications and technologies that are regularly used by attackers to hide their attacks such as proxies, encryption and encrypted tunnels. Next, Palo Alto Networks takes the unique step of fully inspecting all allowed traffic irrespective of port or evasion attempt. This enables Palo Alto Networks to catch all threats even if they are transmitted over non-standard ports or tunneled within other applications or protocols. A single unified threat engine performs IPS, stream-based anti-virus prevention, and blocking of unapproved file types and data. Additionally, the cloud-based WildFire engine identifies unknown and targeted malware that may have no known signature. This gives organizations the unique ability to reduce their exposure, ensure visibility into evasive traffic and protect from all types of threats in a single pass of traffic.
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Palo Threat Prevention for PA-3020 - subscription license renewal (3 years)

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