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WildFire for PA-3020 - subscription license renewal (3 years) - 1 device in HA pair

Mfg # PAN-PA-3020-WF-3YR-HA2-R CDW # 4872804

Software Details

  • 3020
  • 1 device in HA pair
  • Subscription license renewal (3 years)
  • prepaid
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WildFire automatically protects your networks from malware across a wide range of applications, including malware hidden within SSL-encrypted traffic. WildFire easily extends the threat prevention capabilities of the next-generation firewall to tackle some of the most challenging threats in the world today, and does so with full visibility and enforcement at up to 10 Gbps.

The modern threat landscape has fundamentally evolved, and cyber-security teams face threats on a daily basis that rely on stealth, persistence and the skilled avoidance of traditional security measures. Such a fundamental shift in one's adversary demands more than an incremental response, and modern security teams are re-evaluating some of their most basic security assumptions concerning how they look at network traffic, how threats are identified, and ultimately how they are blocked.

These core principles are the foundation of Palo Alto Networks WildFire solution, in which full visibility, scalable analysis, and automated protection all work together to secure the network and its data. Only the next-generation firewall provides full-stack analysis and enforcement of all network traffic regardless of evasion and encryption, ensuring that hidden or anomalous threats are exposed. The result is a completely unique, closed loop approach to controlling cyberthreats based on next-generation visibility, cloud-based malware sandboxing, and reliable in-line blocking of threats.

At its core, WildFire detects and blocks targeted, polymorphic, or otherwise unknown malware. To do so, WildFire marries the unique visibility and control of the nextgeneration firewall with a cloud-based environment where malware is safely analyzed at scale. By proactively executing unknown files in a virtual environment, WildFire uncovers malware based on its real behavior; ensuring malware is detected even if it gets past traditional signatures.

This style of sandbox analysis is computationally intense by nature, and as a result, WildFire is designed on a cloud-based architecture that ensures seamless scalability. The WildFire public cloud enables any Palo Alto Networks customer to perform true malware sandboxing of unknown files without the need for any additional hardware.

When a threat is detected, WildFire automatically feeds information and protections back to WildFire subscribers. Within in minutes, subscribers receive firewall logs with a verdict of the analysis including event context. More importantly, WildFire generates true malware protections for the newly discovered malware, and shares those protections with all WildFire subscribers world-wide within 30 to 60 minutes of the initial detection. These protections not only stop rapidly spreading malware, but also track unique identifiers in the malware body to proactively find and block malware variants.

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This item was discontinued on December 30, 2022