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How to Empower Employees with the Right Workspace Solutions

As the workforce spends more time away from the office, employees need innovative workspace solutions to enhance their everyday creativity and productivity.

How to Empower Employees with the Right Workspace Solutions

Theera of work from anywhere is here, and the days ofbattling traffic to sit in an office from 9-5 are over. As the workforce spendsmore time away from the office, working from home, employees need tools to enhance their everyday creativity andproductivity. These two elements are at the core of the innovativeworkspace solutions Logitech has been designing for over 35 years.

For decades, Logitech has studied the science of human interaction and howpeople use technology for their daily work. As users' needs change, new ideas and innovations to transformand adapt to the new ways of workingallow people to perform at their best.

But one size doesn't fit all when it comes to workspace solutions; everyone works a little differently. Users connect to different operating systems, use different desktop and UC applications and complete a diverse set of daily tasks. That's why Logitech's vast product portfolio allows decision-makers to select the right tools for the right teams to support individual workflows.

Why having the right tools for your employees matters

To supportbusiness continuity, IT departments are now twice as likely to issue a laptopover a desktop, and this trend shows no signs of slowing.*1 But laptops donot come with all the accessories employees need to be productive. The simple act of issuing an external mousealong with a laptop can not only turbochargeemployee productivity but also help improve worker comfort, health and overall satisfaction.


Using a mouse vs a trackpad alone will:

  • Increase a user's productivity by50% *2
  • Allow users to complete tasks 30%faster *2
  • Provide users a more ergonomicexperience, reducing muscle activity by 25% *2

Using a built-in trackpad requiresadditional activation of the muscles in the neck and shoulder areas compared tothe effort required to use an external mouse. That's why, when external miceare issued along with laptops, workers are not only vastly more efficient, butare also more likely to avoid poor ergonomic setups, which can lead to fatigueand discomfort.*3 These conclusions arose from a study conducted in the Logi Ergo Lab.

Empoweryour workforce with tools that support productive, healthy workspaces

Often, workers aren't outfitted with theequipment necessary to create an ergonomic setup while using a laptop. Theimpact of this can be felt quite literally, and mobile working has only madethe problem more acute, especially among those new to the practice. A recentsurvey revealed that 50 percent ofemployees new to working from home are experiencing pain and discomfort inthe neck compared to only 16 percent when they were working in an office. Thirty-onepercent reported pain and discomfort in the shoulder during WFH but only 17percent reported the same for in-office work. The culprit is often anon-ergonomic workspace, which can negatively impact productivity. *4

Are tools like a mouse and keyboard really that importantto my workforce?


Heavy computerusers in a single day will:

  • Hit 11,000 keystrokes
  • Click their mouse 4,000 times

And in a year willmove their mouse a total distance of 27 kms*5

Now, imagineputting on a pair of flip flops to run a half marathon. You can see why theproper equipment is so important.

Having the righttools to perform daily tasks, whatever the job may be, is imperative forpersonal wellness. Certified ergonomic devices like the MX vertical mouse or the K860 keyboard support a more natural posturethat reduces muscular strain, fatigue and discomfort, leading to a greatersense of wellness for the employee and reduced health claims for the employer.Employees already working with ergonomic solutions say they are happy and 90 percent would never return to aconventional tool again. *6

Allworkspace solutions are NOT created equally .

In fact, the more optimized a workspaceis, the more productivity improves!

Logitech delivers when it comes tooptimization, here's how:

  1. Easy-Switch is one of Logitech's coolest features, allowing users with an easy-switch-enabled keyboard or mouse to connect to multiple devices such as a PC, tablet or mobile device with a switch of a button.
  2. Logitech is well known for its award-winning hardware, but the secret sauce comes from its powerful software, like Logitech Options, that takes the hardware to the next level.
  3. Logitech FLOW allows users to mouse between computers, making tasks like transferring files from one computer to another a breeze.
  4. Advanced solutions like Logitech MX series charge with USB-C and deliver long-lasting battery life for up to 4 months. You can continue to work even while your devices are charging.

Logitech's suite of purposefully designed workspace solutions are reliable, will suit any budget and just simply work. Thousands of organizations globally have chosen Logitech as their trusted brand. Contact your CDW account manager or visit to explore solutions that will empower your teams to deliver their best work from anywhere.


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