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Infographic: The Essential Technologies for Hybrid Work in Canada

Which Canadians are most comfortable working from home, and what tools do they need to get the job done? The answers, from a new study commissioned by CDW Canada, may surprise you…

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Top 5 work from home solutions

90% of Canadians who work hybrid find it easy to switch between working from home and the office. Here are five WFH solutions they find important or very important:


High speed internet/network connection


Collaboration platforms


Adequate lighting


Dedicated desk/workstation


Multiple monitors

Investing in IT can help increase productivity


Canadian hybrid workers who experience IT issues lost an average of 3 hours a week dealing with them.

Most hybrid workers cited network connectivity (2.6 hours lost) and VPN connectivity (2.2 hours lost) as key IT issues.

Generational differences in adopting hybrid work technology


of Canadians over 55 prefer working from home, the highest percentage of any age group

Only 64%

of Canadians over 55 are comfortable or very comfortable keeping up with the pace of change of technology that enables hybrid work

Meanwhile, 85%

of Canadians aged 18-34 are comfortable or very comfortable keeping up with hybrid work technology

SMBs are more likely to BYOD


of SMB employees say they have to choose and pay for their own IT equipment


of those working at SMBs use a personal device to access work related files or perform work tasks at least once a day


said their organization does not provide training on new tools and new features within existing tools

Why ITDMs are more worried about WFH


of IT decision-makers reported data security and privacy reasons prevented them from working from home, compared to 3% of non-IT decision-makers

Only 46%

of ITDMs see work-life balance as a reason to work from home, compared to 74% of non-IT decision makers


of ITDMs (vs. 3% of non-ITDMs) say their internet connection isn’t fast enough