Hybrid Cloud Podcast > Episode 12: Applying the Cloud Model to Your Data Centre


Episode 12

Applying the Cloud Model to Your Data Centre


Episode 12

Applying the Cloud Model to Your Data Centre

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Episode 12: Applying the Cloud Model to Your Data Centre

In this episode, KJ Burke and Jason Allan from CDW and Dan Nitta Mackay from Intel discuss how organizations should automate, streamline and standardize on-premises equipment and how to maximize investment by operating workloads appropriately (on-prem vs cloud), automating and orchestrating new services within the data centre.

Featured in this Episode

KJ Burke is an innovative and driven IT infrastructure architect with solid interpersonal and communication skills. He is currently the Principal Technology Strategist at CDW Canada, with over 20 years in the IT industry and plenty of experience in planning and deploying technology to improve business processes and drive measurable value.  

Jason Allan has 20+ years of IT industry experience covering infrastructure, security and cloud, working with various MSPs internationally throughout his career. He is a thought leader and continues to help businesses understand how they can leverage the right technology to push their business forward, achieve their strategic business goals and be successful in their market.

Dan Nitta Mackay’s primary responsibility is helping enable the acceleration and adoption of new technologies with Intel. Dan has a 20-year history in technology, most recently supporting digital transformation across the Canadian market. He is happy to share Intel’s insights on what the future will entail and how near future changes should be factored in when enterprises make decisions around workload modernization.

In this episode, we discuss…
  • How to identify the best place to operate applications
  • Three best practices for looking at technology decisions
  • Challenges that customers are facing with migrating workloads to the cloud, and what’s driving them to build cloud-like environments in their data centre
  • Data activation over time, and how it could be a potential issue
  • The need for specific talent and technologies within a multicloud environment and how businesses are leveraging managed services providers to fill the skills gap
  • How does choosing where to run applications change when you’re using containers or VM-based solutions?
  • Intel IT’s Multi-Cloud Strategy: Focused on the Business

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When it comes to deployment, clouds powered by Intel® technologies deliver reliable, scalable, workload-optimized performance across enterprise applications.

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