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Risk Advisory
Services to Plan, Defend and Respond

Your data is your business. It’s also a high-value target for cyber criminals. Contact a consultant to discover the benefits of CDW Canada professional security services.

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Assessing Risk for the Best Mitigation Strategies

The IT world is full of risk and ways to mitigate it. It’s easy to overlook hidden vulnerabilities or overspend on protection. CDW Canada helps clients better understand their risk posture as a basis for developing a comprehensive cybersecurity program. Starting with your business objectives, we help prioritize time and spending to meet a security standard that’s reasonable for your industry and supports your desired business outcomes without overspending or misapplying resources.

Cyber Risk

The goal of the cyber risk program is to develop and implement a security program that protects your data and your budget. We start with a risk assessment to determine your current baseline security posture in comparison with specifically identified security and privacy standards, including compliance requirements for your industry. We then work with clients to build a comprehensive governance program with policies and procedures that support the standards.

CDW Canada’s cyber risk assessment includes understanding how users interact with systems and evaluating their preparedness to identify and respond to security threats they may encounter in their day-to-day work. Using this and other assessments as a baseline, CDW Canada helps clients build and engineer processes to help organizations operate securely while building a security-conscious culture.


Cybersecurity assessments drill down into technical vulnerabilities with penetration testing that covers your network, web applications and APIs, along with social engineering assessments to test how people respond to common threats such as phishing attacks.

Why CDW Canada? When it comes to cybersecurity, experience matters. We have one of Canada’s best-trained teams and have earned many industry certifications. Over the last decade, we have helped many customers be the first in their industry to become ISO certified for cybersecurity.

What sets CDW Canada apart is our focus on thorough testing. Many advisors stop testing after finding a few vulnerabilities. Undiscovered vulnerabilities are accidents waiting to happen. Which is why we test for all possible means of unauthorized entry to your systems and data, including IoT devices and other edge devices which are often overlooked.


Effectively integrate business
and technology

We believe processes, functions and corporate culture are key to delivering customized IT solutions that will meet business needs and deliver results. Our in-depth domain knowledge and industry-leading methodologies are centred around process and technology integration.

Drive a digital-first ecosystem

We add strategic value to your business by simplifying and streamlining your IT operations to create efficiencies. Our seasoned and certified consultants leverage years of successful experience across hundreds of industries to optimize your internal and external ecosystems.

Minimize risk and maximize insights

We provide a wide range of services spanning business architecture, risk assessment planning, business analysis and process improvement to service growing organizations. Our in-depth processes create actionable insights that deliver the right data to the right person at the right time on the right interface.

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