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College is more than just listening in a lecture hall. Today’s students expect to engage and collaborate with their teachers and peers. Active learning environments and smart campuses are the new standard. Everyone – from teachers to students to administrators – expects to be able to connect anytime, anywhere. 

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Enriching the Higher Ed Learning Experience Across Campus

CDW and our partners can help you create an active learning environment with educational technology that elevates the student experience and enhances your infrastructure and networks.


Enriching the Higher Ed Learning Experience Across Campus

Active Learning Classrooms

Technology in the classroom creates an active learning environment that supports student collaboration both in-person and digitally, with innovative classroom technology such as videoconferencing and interactive displays. Whether you’re building new facilities or identifying existing ones for upgrades, we can help deliver educational technology that improves the classroom and the learning experience.  

Elevating the Student Experience

Student expectations on campus are rising, and university technology must rise with them. From the moment a prospective student steps on campus to the time he or she walks across the stage at graduation, a school’s Wi-Fi access, networking and collaboration solutions are put to the test. Students expect to be using the latest educational technology, like AR and VR, and will be surprised if there isn’t an esports team on campus.

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Dell Latitude 5310

13.3" - Core i7 10610U - 16 GB RAM - 256 GB SSD

The Latitude 5310 is designed to help colleges and universities with their emerging and ever-changing technology needs.­




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Bring Education to Life from Anywhere with Lenovo

The age of distance learning is here. Colleges and universities are increasingly incorporating online education into their offerings, and many professors are using the Internet and the latest learning tools to create a curriculum that inspires students no matter where they live. Schools all over the world are also offering distance lectures as an option for students with emergency circumstances so that everyone can keep up with their coursework. Stay ahead of the curve with Lenovo’s solutions for distance learning.

Lenovo Devices for Higher Education

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Eaton 5P 1500 VA 120V Rack/Tower 2U - UPS

Energy efficient line-interactive UPS with advanced LCD and energy metering features. The graphical LCD display provides clear information on the UPS's status and measurements on a single screen.

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Security and Safety

Universities face a digital dichotomy: giving their students and faculty the freedom to access information across campus while also providing a secure digital and physical environment.


Security and Safety

Universities face a digital dichotomy: giving their students and faculty the freedom to access information across campus while also providing a secure digital and physical environment.

Cybersecurity and Networking Infrastructure

Today’s students bring multiple devices to college and expect to keep them all connected. As end users (and their devices) become more mobile, the threats are also evolving. Users demand strong wireless network access from every corner of campus, which increases the need to continuously monitor for and block potential security threats. CDW can help modernize your infrastructure to give your students and staff the digital experience they expect while also keeping them and the campus protected .

Campus Safety
Campus Safety

Whether you operate a university with multiple buildings and campuses or your college is a small, single campus, the threats are the same. CDW understands the need for both simple and complex security solutions, such as robust video surveillance, that keeps students and their information protected.


Network and Wireless Infrastructure
Higher Ed Network and Wireless Infrastructure

From classroom to dorm room and cafeteria to quad, students want full access to a campus network from anywhere. Blanketing your campus with Wi-Fi that has no dead spots is challenging. CDW can help you find the right educational technology infrastructure to ensure your mobile student body is connected from everywhere. 

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Server Memory

An ultrareliable memory, backed by a lifetime warranty,
ideal for customers who use OEM or branded systems.

We’re committed to creating a campus experience that engages students with active learning experiences by leveraging the latest in higher education technology. 

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