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Exceptional care depends not only on clinicians, but also on functional, dependable technology that works when it matters most. Your healthcare IT, from mobile devices to telehealth to patient data security, is essential to support care and enhance patient and resident outcomes.

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Healthcare Contracts


App Modernization for Canadian Healthcare

Hospital data centres struggle to maintain services on aging infrastructure while demand for telemedicine services to be delivered over the Internet increases. Shrinking budgets add to the challenge as legacy computing equipment becomes more expensive to operate just to maintain the status quo.

To learn more about how CDW and our partners can help you modernize your data centre, download our comprehensive, 17-page whitepaper.


Clinical Collaboration Solutions

No more waiting for data. No more feeling cut off from family and friends or one-way communication with treatment staff. Innovations such as remote monitoring tools, telehealth technology and related specialty apps enhance the patient experience and knowledge, leading to boosted provider productivity and lower healthcare delivery costs.


Clinical Collaboration Solutions

Modern Healthcare IT Infrastructure

To improve the patient experience while reducing readmissions and staying compliant, you need a supportive IT infrastructure. Be prepared for today’s and tomorrow’s challenges with CDW.

Smart Healthcare Technology

 Improve your patient satisfaction scores by embracing smart technology across a range of solutions including clinical mobility, remote patient monitoring, patient data management and security. 

Next-Gen Healthcare Technology

From HIPAA-compliant smartphone video apps to enterprise-wide HD audio/video collaboration tools, CDW can get your telehealth strategy off the ground and sustain it.

Patient Security

Each day, hospital IT professionals must defend patient data and devices from data breaches, phishing, endpoint attacks and more while maintaining network integrity. HIPAA and HITECH compliance demands a strong network security posture addressing both local and remote patient environments. Put CDW’s decades of cybersecurity experience and compliance experts to work protecting your valuable data. 

Patient Security

Patient Data Security

To ensure basic patient data security, hospitals and clinics need firewalls, secured endpoint, encryption and two-factor authentication — at minimum.

Patient Physical Security

Security doesn’t stop at firewalls. CDW’s physical security solutions, such as enhanced video surveillance, prevent incidents before they occur with predictive analytics. IP cameras prevent issues such as drug diversion while RFID scanning allows for identity verification.

Featured Healthcare Products


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Microsoft Surface: Transform the Way You Engage with Patients

The new Microsoft Surface Go 2 helps healthcare professionals improve patient care and the customer experience. Light, mobile, and powerful, the Surface Go 2 can support multiple roles, keep all private information secure, and ultimately, deliver better outcomes for patients.




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Zebra TC52x-HC

Fewer workarounds. More time for care.


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Customized Care Anywhere with Lenovo Health Solutions

Discover the full range of Lenovo Health Solutions, designed for the fast-moving demands of modern healthcare provision.

Find a smarter way forward with Lenovo as care delivery is reimagined. Efficiently transitioning to long-term virtual healthcare requires strong awareness, constant learning and effective support from experienced partners.

Lenovo Devices for Healthcare

We're committed to helping you use technology to achieve resident satisfaction goals, while cost-effectively meeting your care delivery goals. 

Create the best possible experience for residents with CDW - we get healthcare IT.

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