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Sixty-four percent of IT professionals say that optimizing the existing uses of cloud technologies is their top initiative, while also moving more workloads to the cloud.* As cloud uses continue togrow and expand, so do the challenges.

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Start getting the most of your cloud technologies. We work with organizations of all sizes and verticals, offering comprehensive advice and unrivaled expertise in everything cloud. Your dedicated cloud expert ensures that you receive personalized, end-to-end support from assessment and design to deployment and ongoing management of your custom solution. 


Cloud Native Trends

Read the latest cloud articles and research from CDW’s solution architects and thought leaders.

Why CDW?


Our certified experts provide tools and evaluate your IT infrastructure to provide complete visibility where you've never had it before.


We'll help you move data from your existing infrastructure to the cloud, integrate cloud infrastructure processes and applications into your current infrastructure or business processes and test it post-migration. 


Running an efficient IT department has always been difficult, but trying to manage an increasingly complex hybrid environment with both on-prem and cloud-based infrastructure can be overwhelming. Our managed cloud services give you more time to focus on business outcomes, not maintenance.

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